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The latest MEAP (last update: 2017-11-01) still focuses on RxJava 1.x [page 12], not covering RxJava 2.
Is that going to be the case although Android specific bindings for RxJava 2 already exist?

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I don't think it should have a substantial effect.
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According to https://github.com/ReactiveX/RxJava/wiki/What's-different-in-2.0, there's quite a bunch of differences.
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Do you have a specific use case in mind?
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Honestly, when/if this book hits the bookstores some day, I wouldn't buy it unless it uses the latest stable version of RxJava, which more likely is RxJava 2.x than 1.x based.

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I would say the differences between RxJava 1 & 2 are subtle and probably will not come up in the book. I'll try to update if I notice anything substantial.
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So far, Ch 1- 3 do not distinguish between RxJava 1 or 2
For RxBinding use https://github.com/JakeWharton/RxBinding
Don't use the Jack compiler, it is deprecated. Android Studio 3.0 supports Java 8 Lambdas (not Streams)
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Ch 4 Difference, subscriptions

RxJava 1.x has

RxJava 2.x has
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Another difference is that in RxJava 1 it seems like you could add an unsubscribe callback to a subscription. In RxJava 2 see the source code for the RxJava binding to get an idea how this can be done