Jorge Ramirez (8) [Avatar] Offline
Hello @Dustin

I just bought the book today and I'm wondering if all the feedback (code fixes/typos/chapter rewriting etc) from this forum are already in the ebook or is something pending to be placed on it?

I'm asking that just to know if I should pay attention to the almost a year old comments here or no.

Dustin Metzgar (26) [Avatar] Offline
There's a big delay between when I make the updates to the manuscript and when they show up in the MEAP eBook. All the issues brought up in this forum were addressed, all the code is updated for .NET Core 2.0, and new chapters have been added. The manuscript is going through a final review process, which should take a couple weeks. Then I'll do some final edits before they start getting the chapters ready for production. Sorry that it takes so long. If you have a question or comment about something, please don't hesitate as it might not have been addressed.