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In the explanation (EXPLAIN) for react-lifecycle-methods quiz:

1) Question 4:

(a) replace "componentWillMound" with "componentWillMount" and (b) replace "book end" with "bookend" in the following sentence:

The componentWillMound and componentDidMount will then book end the render method.

2) Question 5:

a) replace "reset" with ""rest" in the following sentence:

If shouldComponent update returns false, then the update lifecycle stops there and the reset of the methods in the lifecycle are not invoked.

b) replace "book end" with "bookend" in the following sentence:

If the shouldComponentUpdate returns true, the componentWillUpdate and componentDidUpdate then book end the render just like their counterparts in the mount lifecycle.

(Also replace "true, the" with "true, the" in the above sentence [i.e., remove the extra blank space after the comma].)
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Hi, I'm the Development Editor on the React in Motion video course, and I've got to say, wow, you have an eagle eye! Our copyediting department may be hiring, if you're interested. smilie

As with all our MEAP books and videos, we release chapters and units as works in progress, so they are not yet perfect. smilie
The copyeditor comes in at the end of the process, and fine tunes all chapters/units at once. I thank you for your catches, and will add them to the list for the copyeditor.

I hope you can ignore these issues and not let them get in the way of enjoying and learning from Zac's video course. I think he does a great job teaching the topic, and hope you're finding out how to work with React!

Thanks again!
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Thanks, Frances.

No problem, I just report things as I run across them, whether grammatical or technical.

The course has been great (very informative) but I'm getting the sinking feeling I've finished what's currently available (Units 1 - 3). I just confirmed that sinking feeling at https://www.manning.com/livevideo/react-in-motion. Bummer!

A cool feature of liveVideo would be if there was a way we personally could switch from the British spelling of words (e.g., "componentised") to the American spelling of words (e.g., "componentized") ... without disturbing the original.



P.S. At https://www.manning.com/livevideo/react-in-motion, "Exercise driven" should be replaced with "Exercise-driven" in the following bullet point in the "What's a liveVideo?" section:

Exercise driven learning.