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In the quiz answer explanations at https://livevideo.manning.com/module/35_3_6/react-in-motion/componentised-uis%3a-intro-%26-overview/the-culture-of-reuse-in-the-react-ecosystem:

1) WRT the explanation (EXPLAIN) for Question 1:

a) I could have missed it but I don't believe you ever mentioned the Observer pattern in "The culture of reuse in the React ecosystem".

b) I recommend inserting a comma immediately after "Redux" in the following sentence:

In Flux and Redux we call these events actions.

c) I recommend removing the word "be" from the following sentence:

I’ve also heard Redux be likened to the combination of the CQRS and Aggregate patterns used in OOP.

2) replace "react" with "React" in the 3rd option for Question 2:

Have a folder structure in our react application which conforms to a certain style.

3) WRT the explanation (EXPLAIN) for Question 2, shouldn't "StyledComponents" be ""Styled components" in the following sentence:

StyledComponents allow you to define styles for individual components that you build.

to match "Styled components" in Question 2:

Styled components help us to...

4) Replace "React based" with "React-based" in Question 3:

There’s only a handful of ways to gain scalability, extensibility, maintainability and reusability in React based applications and these ways are only available within the React core package.
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