daveharney (15) [Avatar] Offline
Once again, I found this chapter full of useful ideas. However, the map sample code (brilliant as it is), was a bit complex for me to understand the concepts. But, I could strip down the sample code to just retrieve the store names from the appsettings file and display them on the Home/Index page as simple html. It then becomes clear what bits of code are needed to get at some "Secrets".
Andrew Lock (51) [Avatar] Offline
Hi Dave,

Thanks for the comment. Its that eternal struggle between having something simple enough that the underlying concepts are clear, but interesting enough/practical usages so that people don't get bored with just another list displayed on the screen! Thanks for flagging that this may have been a step too far smilie

Pavel Voronin (1) [Avatar] Offline
I would like to see a kind of alternative opinion about design decisions of ASPNETCORE team.
I think adding some references for consideration wouldn't hurt:


And https://simpleinjector.org/blog/2016/06/whats-wrong-with-the-asp-net-core-di-abstraction/

P.S. I like how you give a general overview and then go to details, and reiterate important things. Thanks.