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b.merritt (7) [Avatar] Offline
Below is a list of inconsistencies that I noticed in chapter 6.


Pg 125 section 6.3 seems to duplicate 6.2

Pg 127 discussed in section 6.3. (should it say discussed in section 6.5).

Pg 130 ... a great article about this on his website: ( text formatting)

Pg 131 ... the channel or type: this.subscription = (item 6 text formatting)

Pg 144 The astute ready may notice is a ... (wording)

Pg 144 ... component, start by creating a new edit-book view-model at (text formatting)

Pg 148 ... off this new functionality. Modify the books view-model (text formatting)

Pg 148 Listing 6.9 in book doesn't match source code sample.

Pg 156 CustomEvent('change', {rating: this.rating}) shouldn't this be CustomEvent('change', {detail: {rating: this.rating}})

Pg 158 e => this.temporaryBook.rating = e.rating; shouldn't this be e => this.temporaryBook.rating = e.detail.rating;
Sean Hunter (29) [Avatar] Offline
Thanks for the feedback Bruce. Again, really appreciate you taking the time to note down your remarks here.

It's actually great timing as I'm currently in a review and edit phase in preparation for the next MEAP update. Will look through each of these points for this update.