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The https://ifelse.io/react-ecosystem hyperlink appears on pp. 10, 11, 162 and 270.

When I click on that link, however, I get a 404 with the following message:

This is not the page you were looking for
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Sorry, I'm publishing this in a day or so - thanks for catching that! smilie
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No problem, Mark.

Not jumping on you; just reporting what I run across.

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Oh no I understand — appreciate it! smilie
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It seems like the link still doesn't work. Do you already know when this will be published?
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Hey there! This will be up soon, the book itself is in production and the post you're referring to will be out this coming Monday smilie
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Cool; thanks!
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Hey just an update on this — waiting for the book to be really close release or actually released to roll this out. Thanks!
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The react ecosystem post should be published now - my bad! I left it in a "draft" state. https://ifelse.io/2018/07/04/a-guide-to-the-react-ecosystem/