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507205 (2) [Avatar] Offline
Section 6.2 mentions that a component can be removed from the dom due to navigation. I would like to understand this better? In my use case, I have a listing page and a detail page and need to navigate back and forth between the pages (standard stuff). I think I would like to keep the listing page in the dom and let a websocket update the listing page. But I'm seeing that navigation is causing the listing page's constructor to get invoked when I navigated back to it from the detail page. Can I prevent this?

BTW, I ran the routing example from section 3.1 in Plunker ( and it worked as expected. Upon navigation between the HomeComponent and ProductDetailComponent, I do see the HomeComponent's constructor reloading, which I assume means the dom is being reloaded.
Yakov Fain (219) [Avatar] Offline
If you keep your master and detail routes open at the same time, the detail route won't be reloaded. Take a look at this app: