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what's new in the second edition?
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Can you provide full CRUD examples?
Most of the examples are about Read list of products and Read product detail.Can you please add the other features too such as Adding a product(It can be in memory),Updating a product and Deleting a product?

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In chapter 8 we'll discuss HTTP and will include code samples making post, put, and delete requests.

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Here's the answer to what's new in 2nd edition:

In old edition, we used Angular 2 and, for the most part, SystemJS. In this one, we use Angular 5 and Angular CLI from the very beginning.

We're replacing the WebPack chapter with the NGRX one.

Added an appendix describing the basics of RxJS

Modified the online auction that the readers build throughout the book - now it uses Angular Material and Flex Layout

Added new code samples in various chapters

You can also compare the TOC of the second (https://github.com/Farata/angulartypescript) and first (https://github.com/Farata/angular2typescript) editions.

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Is there a chapter on comparing Angular to ReactJS? Would be very nice to have...