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Between this book and Node.js in Action 2nd edition, which book should I buy for learning Node.js ?
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That's a great question, and probably one we should answer on the book's main page. Node.js in Action provides a great overview and an in-depth look at how Node.js is used. The way its chapters are structured allow you to jump back and forth through concepts. Ultimately, it's up to you to figure out how to put the pieces together and build your own application.

In Get Programming with Node.js, I teach you, through example, how to start with a simple Node.js web server and gradually build it out into a robust application. Each chapter builds on the previous one in a project-focused approach to simultaneously learning and applying the concepts. If you have spent some time playing around with Node.js and you want to learn more about the tools and strategies used by Node.js professionals, I recommend Node.js in Action. If you are new to programming in Node.js, or web development in general, I recommend my book to take you from developing at a comfortable pace to building applications at an accelerated rate.