Eugene (1) [Avatar] Offline
Just wondering if Unity Container is going to be covered in the seconds edition?
Last time I checked it wasn't in ToC...
Steven van Deursen (43) [Avatar] Offline
We decided not to cover Unity. We mainly decided to only cover:

- Popular DI Containers
- That are .NET Core and .NET Standard compatible
- That are actively maintained
- And not already discussed in the first edition.

We decided to exclude containers discussed in the first edition, since a digital copy of the first edition will be supplied with your copy of the second edition.

The exception that we took here was to keep Autofac in, because it is by far the most popular, actively maintained, .NET Core compatible container in the field.

Note the following obvious warning: This book hasn’t been released yet, so keep in mind that the decision on which container to include can still change.
CRx (5) [Avatar] Offline
Unity is dead!! ... move to'll love it.
Steven van Deursen (43) [Avatar] Offline
Please note that Unity is not dead. Microsoft abandoned this project, but it is currently being actively maintained on Github.

Besides, there are other alternatives besides Autofac, such as Simple Injector ( (which is maintained by myself).