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I wrote a blog post last month about that the book is now in production phase:
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And today the latest status is:

Status update on Camel in Action 2nd ed book: 7 out of 21 chapters now proofed. Next phase is indexing and layout.
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9 out of 21 chapters has been proofed now
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by the time you complete the book, all features become obsolete.
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Chapter 10 profeed
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316880 wrote:by the time you complete the book, all features become obsolete.

What do you mean by that. If you eg take the 1st edition of the book then 95% of its content is valid today. There is just a lot more you can do now with Camel that we have covered in the 2nd edition, that wasn't around when we wrote the 1st book 8 years ago.

And the book will be done in December according to last status from Manning.
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Chapter 11 and 12 proofed.
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Chapter 13 and 14 proofed
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Chapter 15 and 17 proofed (16 on the way)
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Chapter 16 has been proofed
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All chapters except for chapter 21 has now been proofed.

Our last work is some minor outstanding updates to the chapters after the proofing, and then finish up the front matter, and the back cover.
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The first 3 chapters came back from layout today.

I posted some screenshots on twitter

We are also gathering a list of people to thank with helping out on the book. I wrote a blog post, where you can read more. And if you helped us, then take a look if your name is there. If not let us know so we can have all people listed in the final book
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If I remember correctly publication date earlier was in Oct. Now I see this "MEAP began July 2015 Publication in December 2017 (estimated) " . Is the book going to be available in or after December?
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The first 7 chapters are now back from first layout. These 7 chapters will undergo a 2nd proofing and we catch code formatting mistakes and other things before a 2nd layout is done.

Chapter 21 is also back from proofing, and we will do an author review on it before passing it on for layout.
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All 21 chapters are now ready for layout, of which the first 9 chapters has passed the first layout.
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Now its the first 11 chapters that has passed first layout
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Chapter 12 has passed first layout as well.
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Chapter 13 and 14 has passed first layout
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Chapter 15, 16 and 17 is now also done for first layout
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All first 17 chapters are done as first layout, and they have also all been author reviewed.

Next is the last 4 remainder chapters to be reviewed as well. And then for all 21 chapters to be updated and pass 2nd layout. And then we take another review to ensure all updates are correct and the layout is correct.