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I wrote a blog post last month about that the book is now in production phase:
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And today the latest status is:

Status update on Camel in Action 2nd ed book: 7 out of 21 chapters now proofed. Next phase is indexing and layout.
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9 out of 21 chapters has been proofed now
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by the time you complete the book, all features become obsolete.
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Chapter 10 profeed
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316880 wrote:by the time you complete the book, all features become obsolete.

What do you mean by that. If you eg take the 1st edition of the book then 95% of its content is valid today. There is just a lot more you can do now with Camel that we have covered in the 2nd edition, that wasn't around when we wrote the 1st book 8 years ago.

And the book will be done in December according to last status from Manning.
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Chapter 11 and 12 proofed.
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Chapter 13 and 14 proofed
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Chapter 15 and 17 proofed (16 on the way)
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Chapter 16 has been proofed
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All chapters except for chapter 21 has now been proofed.

Our last work is some minor outstanding updates to the chapters after the proofing, and then finish up the front matter, and the back cover.
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The first 3 chapters came back from layout today.

I posted some screenshots on twitter

We are also gathering a list of people to thank with helping out on the book. I wrote a blog post, where you can read more. And if you helped us, then take a look if your name is there. If not let us know so we can have all people listed in the final book
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If I remember correctly publication date earlier was in Oct. Now I see this "MEAP began July 2015 Publication in December 2017 (estimated) " . Is the book going to be available in or after December?
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The first 7 chapters are now back from first layout. These 7 chapters will undergo a 2nd proofing and we catch code formatting mistakes and other things before a 2nd layout is done.

Chapter 21 is also back from proofing, and we will do an author review on it before passing it on for layout.
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All 21 chapters are now ready for layout, of which the first 9 chapters has passed the first layout.
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Now its the first 11 chapters that has passed first layout
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Chapter 12 has passed first layout as well.
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Chapter 13 and 14 has passed first layout
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Chapter 15, 16 and 17 is now also done for first layout
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All first 17 chapters are done as first layout, and they have also all been author reviewed.

Next is the last 4 remainder chapters to be reviewed as well. And then for all 21 chapters to be updated and pass 2nd layout. And then we take another review to ensure all updates are correct and the layout is correct.
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All 19 chapters and 2 appendixes for the print book has passed 1st layout. The 2 bonus chapters will follow.
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And now also chapter 20 and 21 are passed first layout - that means we have all the material now.
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Jonathan and I have just handed in the front matter of the book. The last puzzle we have to work on is the back-cover.
And then a 2nd review of the layout phase when Manning have incorporated all our findings from the 1st phase.
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Manning has started the 2nd layout phase and chapter 1, 2, and 3 are passed.
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2nd-layout phase is complete for all chapters, except chapter 14 and 15 which are pending, and so is the 2 appendixes.

We will go over the 2nd layout and do yet another corrections (should be much less than 1st-phase)
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We are currently doing a review on the 2nd phase layout to do our final touches.

Manning is aiming for a deadline on December 15th to have the book go to the printer.
We are getting really close now.

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We are almost complete with the 2nd-pass layout review. The last 2 chapters and appendixes will get done later today.
Manning will then do 3rd-pass layout and we will review this, and hopefully all is correct and the chapter material is complete.

The front matter and back-cover also needs a bit of polish, but they are almost complete.
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We have just completed the review of the 2nd-layout phase, and Manning is now correcting the book.
The 3rd-layout is hopefully the final book. But we will go over the pages one more time to make sure we have all mistakes covered.
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The 3rd-pass layout files are being created now. Manning have delivered the first 7 chapters. We expect only a few minor corrections before we have the final set of pages.

Front matter and back-cover are our attention afterwards.

The deadline on Friday is within our reach.
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The first 7 chapters of 3rd-pass has now been reviewed by us and handed over to Manning.
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All the 3rd-pass chapters has now been reviewed and handed over to Manning which are incorporating the fixes.

This will be the final layout and the book will be done and go to the printer before x-mas.
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The two appendixes has now also been reviewed for 3rd-pass.

Manning has started to do the 4th-pass (and final) layout of the chapters, they have done the first 11 chapters so far.
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4th-pass review of the manuscript is now complete and handed over to Manning which will fix our last findings and we have the final manuscript.

Front matter and back-cover is also in the works and we will review that before we sign off and have 100% complete and the book can go into print.
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5th-pass layouts are almost done, 4 chapters remaining in the process.

Front matter and back-cover is last pieces to review before everything is done
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I wrote a blog on latest status here a few days before the x-mas holiday.
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@davsclaus, thanks for your hard work on keeping us up to date with the current status of the book.

I really appreciate it.

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The first 7 chapters have now been through 5th-pass review. A new set of eyes is looking at this and finding the layout and some inconsistency issues with code font vs regular font, and spellings etc.

Also we the authors is taking a last look as well.

And today we received a 1st draft of the front matter, which we will work on this week and so its ready by start of next year.
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The first 13 chapters has been through 5th-pass review (final)
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The first 15 chapters has been through 5th-pass review (final)
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The first 17 chapters has been through 5th-pass review (final)
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All 21 chapters and 2 appendixes has now been through final review, and Manning is working on tying it up to pass on for final layout.

In the mean time we take a last look at the front matter and back-cover.

If all goes well Manning, then Manning estimates the book can go to the printer next monday - yay.
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The front matter and back-cover is handed over for layout and we'll take a last look of those before they are ready.

All the chapters are currently in-progress of final layout, which takes a bit of time, to update with our latest findings, as we had extra help that discovered more issues than what we normally would have done.

So hang tight, hope we'll be done this week or in the following.
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Manning is still working on the final layout.

The back-cover has not been finalized and the front-matter is almost done as well.
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Manning is well on the way with the final pages, they have completed the first 16 chapters, and will continue work on them so hopefully they are complete tomorrow.
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All the chapters are now done, and the book cover as well. The front matter should be done too, and Manning is doing the final touches. We are getting real close now.
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The book is very soon on the way to the printer and are essentially done. We will get some dates tomorrow or next week with details when the book is back from the printer and ready for shipping, and also when its in the hands of Amazon and other international retailers. And of course also when Manning has the e-book's ready for download.

I will post a blot with such details when I have them at hand.

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The book is done and is currently being printed.

I will post a blog later when I have more details on when the print books is being shipped, and when retailers such as Amazon has books on stock. So stay tuned.
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The final PDF of the e-book is currently being reviewed. After the small issues we have found is corrected, then Manning will update and have it ready soon for download for users.

The epub and mobi formats will follow later.
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Manning is soon ready to publish the e-book with the PDF version. They are preparing for that, and they said it should go out either later today or tomorrow.
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There was an issue with the bonus chapters which Manning has corrected. The e-book should soon be ready.
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Manning has told us, that the e-book is scheduled for release tomorrow.
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The e-book is now published and available for download.

The p-books will be ready in a week at February 8th.

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Nice to have the final book, I'm sure that it will be a high usefull tool.

I have a lot of project taht use Camel for routing data and all of them work perfectly.
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The print books is now being shipped. Jonathan received his yesterday

And tomorrow the e-pub and kindle versions will be ready for download.

Amazon and others will have the book on stock in 1 or 2 weeks time.
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For the first time I had the print book in my hands when I visited the Red Hat office in Boston.

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I got word from Manning that all their books end up on O'Reilly Safari.
The CiA2 book is expected to land there at the end of this month.
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Hi @davclaus, any update on final ePub & Kindle format? Main page indicate those version will be available today (Feb 23, 2018 ) but user dashboard still serve v14
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I will ask them about the status of epub/kindle versions.
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They are ready to be released soon.
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Try again now, they should be there for download now.
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The Manning livebook is now also updated to be the final book.

Still waiting for safarionline to have the book as well.
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Today I downloaded the kindle version since I got an email recently that the final version is available. Well, the download was the final version, but unfortunately the first edition of the book smilie

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Thanks for reporting, I am getting in touch with Manning about this issue. Of course the 2nd ed should be the download. But make sure to pick the 2nd edition book, as I think you may get the 1st ed book for free as well.
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Oh, I was mistaken by the books cover and title. Actually the Kindle download contains the content of the second edition, but with the cover and the title of the first edition.

I have attached screenshots of the metadata of the Kindle edition and the PDF edition. While the PDF edition has the correct cover and title, the Kindle edition has cover and title of the first edition.

So it is just a "cosmetic" problem.

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Yeah Manning has just told me the same about the cover problem. The content is the 2nd ed. They are fixing the cover.

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The cover problem should have been fixed. You can re-download the files from the manning dashboard.
They also send out a new email.
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Yay so the book is now also finally available online on Oreilly Safari online.