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212545 (1) [Avatar] Offline
Dear Manning,

Could you please supply us an update on this book? Who is the author now? When should we expect a new revision?

Thank you.
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Agree. The book has been in development for ~2 years. It will be released in January 2018 according to the book's page in Manning. However, I highly doubt this will be the case since there has been no progression whatsoever. Any way we can ask if its going to get finished or get a refund?
furoshiki (3) [Avatar] Offline
I contacted Manning and received this reply:

This title is not dead. We have brought on a new author to complete this.
80626 (1) [Avatar] Offline
I'm slightly concerned that functional programming may be unfashionable again by the time this book is published. smilie
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80626 wrote:I'm slightly concerned that functional programming may be unfashionable again by the time this book is published. smilie
4713 (1) [Avatar] Offline
Seems there should be some sort of communication by the new author, whose name is not mentioned yet. Will the same TOC be followed? Any revised estimates on completion of the book. etc? The Combinators and Data Stream Programming chapters would have been very useful right about now.
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Update Please, Please, Please
I exchanged my MEAP copy of this book for something else. I'll wait for some visible progress OR for completion before I buy it again. The management of this book reflects badly on the whole MEAP program. Please. Even quarterly progress reports would be a step forward.
PolymathicReader (2) [Avatar] Offline
This does not speak well to the MEAP program. Manning please provide a clear update of the status of this title. The subject is an important one so that's why I haven't asked for a refund or exchange. I feel like your readers deserve an update. It's been over two years and that is unacceptable for a MEAP title. This book is the "Chinese Democracy" of Manning Press.
fbgava (3) [Avatar] Offline

I would also like to know if a new author has already been found to continue working on this book.

Michal Plachta (6) [Avatar] Offline
Hi everyone!

I am the new author of the book. The update is coming. I have been revising some chapters and the table of contents. There will be some major changes, especially around focus on Scala vs Functional Programming. There will be less Scala and more FP, so that the reader learns universal concepts that can be applied in any FP language. You will all have a chance to see this in action soon enough and I hope you will love it!