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Hi, I'm the development editor for this book, and I thank you for your purchase and your support. We will definitely fix typos, grammar, punctuation, and more, when the book goes to a copyeditor. That happens at the end, after the authors have written all the chapters. So for now, please ignore them. Thanks again! Frances
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I am walking through the MEAP preparatory to my students using it in a class that starts this week. In several cases, screens have changed/are not quite what is shown.

Is there a general review of such things still to come, or should I be noting each one here as I spot it.

For instance (but not the first instance) in 2.2.1, setting up a quick PoC Wordpress site. The screens (and options) for creating a resource group have changed. Not significantly, but enough to confuse a new user.
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Thanks for your note. Our books don't go through copyediting until they're out of the MEAP program and compiled into finished books (ebooks and print). So there will definitely be typos, missing info, and other mistakes. But I will ask the authors to respond to your question; they may know something about this particular issue.

Thanks again,
Frances Lefkowitz
Development Editor
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No problem. I should note that in the explanation of Figure 2.12, there is a reference to the AMI ID. The authors write: "Remember that you used the Amazon Linux operating system (OS)" I am pretty sure that there was no discussion of which AMI or OS was used--in setting up the example, we simply chose the authors' template.
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Tried to use the template.yaml file and instead of CREATE_COMPLETE, I get ROLLBACK_COMPLETE
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Figure 1.15 Infrastructure automation with blueprints: There it says "loadbalacher" which obviously should be loadbalancer within the infrastructure JSON object.
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@545349: could you create a separate thread for your issue since this is not a typo? Please don't forget to add more details about the chapter / section since we have many templates in the book.

@Rob: I can confirm that the typo you spotted was fixed by the copy editor and will be included in the final release.