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Current title is:

Listing 3.2. Querying a database without JdbcTemplate.

It should be:

Listing 3.2. Querying a database with JdbcTemplate.
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Good grief! I came here to report this error and found that someone has already reported it... nearly a year ago.
And it has still not been corrected!

I guess I won't bother providing any feedback.
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It's hit and miss with Manning books MEAPs. I had high expectations for this one, because there is such a high praise for previous editions. I gave a decent amount of feedback initially, but then did not see any responses to the feedback, nor updates on the book regarding specific feedback. So I simply looked elsewhere for good Spring 5 based courseware, whether using boot or not. I found other sources, like John Thompson's or Chad Darby's courses in Udemy or a bunch of other books to get going.