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Hi, Are there typos in Listing 6.5? The given code does not work. No sample code is available at the manning site. Thanks

PS: In Listing 6.3, you need to add 'index' before '.html' for the code to work. FYI
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Hi, I missed including the handle() function in the createServer instantiation. This became clear once I read Ch. 7. My mistake. There was no Typo.

I hope you plan to post Ch. 7 sample code soon. I can contribute my code for earlier chapters. Thanks.
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Thanks for your post. I'll review chapter 6 and 7 code to ensure the instructions and explanations are clear. I'll also try to make sure all code listings are available through Manning. You can always check https://github.com/JonathanWexler/get-programming-with-nodejs where code will be posted and refined more frequently as it pertains to the book.
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Update: Listing 6.4 error message: routes is not a function
Hi, I compared with Chapter 7 code, and found that indeed there was an error, not in Listing 6.5, but in Listing 6.4.
The current code in Listing 6.4 reads: function readFile(..., but should have been, based on Listing 7.6, let getFile = (...
This change worked. The Github code for serve_html_3 in Unit 1/ Lesson_6 corresponds to this and needs to be updated. Is this a scoping issue? Thanks
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Thanks for pointing that out. With the next release update I'm going to make a correction to that code and a few other inconsistencies. I'm happy to hear about any other issues you discover.