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Error message
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When I try and use the following URL from page 5 of the book:

I get the following message: (see attached)

Did I miss something?
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I used this template from the first edition:

and the example works. However, I don't know if there was some update to the template for the second edition that I am missing.

In general, I am wondering about if this is the kind of thing that Manning wants discussed or not in the Errata. It seems like a typo or perhaps permissions as set wrong, but it is key to being able to do the example in Chapter 2.
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Thanks Ed.

I didn't think of going back to the original. Duh! As you say, we cannot know if we are missing something.

But hey, the original gets me going again, so thanks!

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Hi Steve,

sorry, I've missed your question. The URL is not correct unfortunately. Please use instead.

You can find the latest source code at as well.

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All Good Andreas. Danke!
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Thanks, I was running into the same issue. There are some major differences I noticed as I go through the new ch 2. The template seems to be now creating EFS and utilizing the new ALB, amoungst other things.