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in Listing 7.9 A lock-free stack using a lock-free std::shared_ptr<> implementation, the push member function contains
new_node->next = head.load()
, should it be
new_node->next = std::atomic_load(&head)
, cause i can't find load member function in std::shared_ptr.

in Listing 7.10 A lock-free stack using a lock-free std::experimental::atomic_shared_ptr<> implementation. in struct node definition
struct node     {         
    std::atomic_shared_ptr<T> data;         
    std::experimental::atomic_shared_ptr<node> next;         
    node(T const& data_): data(std::make_shared<T>(data_)) {}    

should std::atomic_shared_ptr<T> data be std::shared_ptr<T>? cause std namespace don't have atomic_shared_ptr, and it's not necessary to hold data using atomic pointer.

if i misunderstand, please let me know.
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