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The MvvmCross extensions have been updated to support .NET Standard and MvvmCross 5.2, and the latest MEAP references these new extensions.

  • For Visual Studio for Mac you can install the update from Visual Studio > Extensions, heading to the update tab, clicking on the Mvvm Template Pack and selecting Update.

  • For Visual Studio for Windows, unfortunately the latest extension has under the hood changes which meant it had to be uploaded as a new extension, not an update - this is a problem with the Visual Studio Marketplace. You will need to uninstall the extension from Tools -> Extensions and Updates, then instal the new version. The new version has the same name, but is version 2.0. You can also install it by downloading it from https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=JimBobBennett.MvvmCrossforVisualStudio-19327 and running the VSIX.

  • You will need to install these updates to match the listings in the book, and either regenerate your apps or use the latest source code available from Manning.