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In the "Getting set up" section of the appendix, there is mention of a zip file that must be downloaded. I have been unable to find information regarding the location of this zip file. I tried cloning the GitHb repo here: https://github.com/gmr/RabbitMQ-in-Depth . But, when I run "vagrant up primary" from the Vagrant/Dist directory, I get ssl certificate errors.

Can anyone provide help with regards to getting the Vagrant environment set up?
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All the zip file contains is the vagrant file, which is here https://gist.github.com/gmr/c7c23a72bd0cd61ed6f0. With this you should be able to type vagrant up if you followed all of the previous state and should be good. I just checked my zip file contents and restarted the container (vagrant up), which I have not run for a few months, and validated everything is working. I just wish it were a more current version of rabbitmq.