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I have no doubt about the quality of books (including this one) coming from Manning. I also consider buying this book.

When I checked this book out, I saw the recommendations from Mohsen and Jonas, this is weird to me as this book only have 3 chapters finished so far. This makes me wonder where these good words coming from. Are they real?

"It's the best book for anyone that likes to learn more Linux and manage it."

~ Mohsen Mostafa Jokar

"Clinton's book is exceptionally clear, organized and concise. Learning any computer-related skill is always a matter of the chicken or the egg. Clinton takes a gentle approach to introducing you to the Linux 'chicken' by showing you how the egg is assembled."

~ Jonas M

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It's not quite so bad as that. Those reviews came from peer reviewers who had already seen five chapters. As part of the review process, they were asked for their general impressions of those chapters.
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Thanks for satisfying my curiosity.