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Hello, I am here!
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cars.csv file
Hey Curran, I'm not able to find this data file for your scatterplot exercise in your Github files. Can you point me to it?
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Me too, where is cars.csv ? Manning should attach all resources file next to the video like Udemy
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The code is here

It is linked from the product page on -
and from the liveVideo app too. -

We'll consider adding a link from within the modules too, thanks for the suggestion.
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Hello! My apologies, the cars.csv was not added yet at that time. I added a link to it from the module, and it can be found here
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Great course, thanks for the link.
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Nice work!
nice work! looking forward to upcoming classes. I enjoy the dialog bit and the accents.

Question about the next module, Dynamic Data. Are you referring to connecting to a database? I just made this, so am curious on how you will go about getting spatial data from a database to d3.
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No, the next unit will be about the General Update Pattern, which is how to deal with "dynamic data" that changes over time on the page.

I will not be dealing with database connections.

This is good feedback - maybe better to call the unit "The General Update Pattern" smilie