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Hello, I am here!
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cars.csv file
Hey Curran, I'm not able to find this data file for your scatterplot exercise in your Github files. Can you point me to it?
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Me too, where is cars.csv ? Manning should attach all resources file next to the video like Udemy
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The code is here

It is linked from the product page on -
and from the liveVideo app too. -

We'll consider adding a link from within the modules too, thanks for the suggestion.
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Hello! My apologies, the cars.csv was not added yet at that time. I added a link to it from the module, and it can be found here
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Great course, thanks for the link.
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Nice work!
nice work! looking forward to upcoming classes. I enjoy the dialog bit and the accents.

Question about the next module, Dynamic Data. Are you referring to connecting to a database? I just made this, so am curious on how you will go about getting spatial data from a database to d3.
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No, the next unit will be about the General Update Pattern, which is how to deal with "dynamic data" that changes over time on the page.

I will not be dealing with database connections.

This is good feedback - maybe better to call the unit "The General Update Pattern" smilie
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Just a general comment about your intro example around a "grave for far to many" - This is a very scary subject and extremely sensitive which is almost too haunting maybe
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Is there a timeline for additional content - I know it says January estimate - which are normally optimistic and we are now in January smilie
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Thanks for the feedback that the migrant deaths topic is scary and sensitive. Indeed it is. This is the main reason I included it, to show that visualization can represent profound, scary, and sensitive topics, and inspire a sense of awe, shock, or compassion. A few people have mentioned this topic is possibly too grim. I will consider removing it.

As for the timeline, the next unit (on the General Update Pattern) will be coming out this month.
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I have not been able to access any content past chapter 2. Has that content been enabled?
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they should be available at the end of January. Don't know when he will finish this.
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Curious about next round of updates
Anyone know when the next update to this course will be?

Killer content here smilie

Also, seems like d3v5 isn't nearly as breaking from v4 as v4 was from v3.