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I'm using [iPython 5.1.0, python 3.5.2, Keras 2.0.4, tensorflow 1.1.0 and theano 0.9.0]

I tried importing the imdb data with the code provided in the book. But i kept getting a BadZipFile: File is not a zip file error. Is anyone else experiencing this? I checked out and used this code and it downloaded the data correctly. Last time, i did it, i had to interrupt the download due to a slow internet connection. Maybe this could've cause the problem now.

from keras.datasets import imdb
   ...: (train_data, train_labels), (test_data, test_labels) = imdb.load_data(pa
   ...: th="",num_words=10000)
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I hope you set up your deep learning tools in a virtualenv or conda. Navigate to the folder $/ keras/datasets/ and delete the IMDb folder... Then try again
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I am. Yes, it works now.