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Hi -

app.get('/', renderViewMiddleware); does not work.

If I change it to e.g.: app.get('/start', renderViewMiddleware); it does.


Why would that be?

Thank you,

Elyse Kolker Gordon (19) [Avatar] Offline

When I follow the instructions in the chapter - switch to the server-browser-rendering branch and add the code from the listing (I'm assuming you're referring to listing 14), it works as expected.

Can you send me any errors you see in the terminal or browser console? Can you tell me if you were following along with the entire chapter or switching git branches in each section?

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Hi again,

I was able to reproduce your issue and have pushed a fix for it (the order of the static file loading vs the Express routes was incorrect). This should be update to date now in the repo and I will make sure the chapter gets any updates needed.