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Just been reading ch1 - so for so good. Dont have access to other chapters, so if you need more input from me, you can send me other chapter pdfs...

Anyway here is the list I found:

pg 7: "This needs to searchable" -> "This needs to be searchable"
pg 8: "used to render the page client side" -> "used to render the page on client side"
pg 15, Definition: "ECHMAScript" -> "ECMAScript"
pg 16, Figure 1.6: "visa-versa" -> "vice-versa"
pg 17, Figure 1.7: "propegated" -> "propagated"; "and using a feature called" -> "using a feature called"
pg 17: "Binding commands are Aurelia are commands" -> "Binding commands are Aurelia commands" ?
pg 18: "benefit that this gives you as that" -> "benefit that this gives you is that"
pg 20, Figure 1.10 [maybe my mistake?]: "(apart) from the file-name" -> "(apart from the file-extension)"
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Thanks for the feedback, and I'm glad to hear you're enjoying it so far.

I've made a note of each of these corrections so I don't miss them for the next update.