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I'm reading now Chapter 3, and I'm at the point where you suggest to add new Nanoservice for each new category added on the Sales-Tax message, and I'm wondering how that could be better than having one microservice to handle this?

I mean, how adding new Nanoservice is easier and time saving as you are suggesting instead of maintaining one place to track the changes on Tax rates in each country ? giving this: "but if you actually look at the details, in any tax code of any country in the world, you will find a morass of subdivisions, special cases, and exclusions. And more are added by legislatures every day."
It’s not feasible since there is a developer that is involved in adding this Nanoservice, no matter how sophisticated the Devops used to automate this process, at the end you need a developer to add this new case if you are not going to maintain a central place to update this tax related information.
the only case that I find this feasible is by using Actor model, and creating an actor that is responsible for each newly added cases, this actor is added programmatically by a parent actor, and there is no developer involved in adding that actor.
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@ali bazzi: with your question about explosion of nanoservices and actors, sounds like you were thinking along similar lines, about manageability of this, as me here: . Interesting!