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I would like to consume an api and, when the request is completed and successful, I'd like to move to the next page of my step-by-step form.

Is this achievable using redux? And how?
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My apologies for the delay in response here. Often, React developers use React Router (https://github.com/ReactTraining/react-router) for managing page navigation. If using v4 of React Router, I would suggest using react-router-redux, which is a part of React Router now. react-router-redux handles routing through Redux actions, and they'll get logged out in the Redux DevTools, like any other action. To finally address your question: in an asynchronous action creator, after a successful or failed API call, you can add another dispatch to redirect using the push method from react-router-redux. Here's one example from a quick Stack Overflow search: https://stackoverflow.com/a/43010566.