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397918 (3) [Avatar] Offline
I received an email notification of a new MEAP update with Chapter 11, but I don't see it anywhere. Was it pulled or did the notice just jump the gun a bit?

No problem if it's not quite ready yet. I just wanted to let you know that something in the process had triggered the email notification, in case that was unintentional.


Thanks for the great book so far, and for the updates and clarifications. This is my go-to Electron book, so looking forward to the remaining chapters!

Steve Kinney (33) [Avatar] Offline
Let me ask the powers that be!
helen.stergius (15) [Avatar] Offline
Hi -
I've checked all of the files I can see. The MEAP was updated on that day, and all of the v11 files (mobi, pdf, ebpub) have chapter 11 in them. It could be that the files took a bit to update throughout the system.

Can you let us know if you still don't have version 11 with chapter 11 on your bookshelf?

397918 (3) [Avatar] Offline
Okay, I think I see what happened here. There are two problems, the first is somewhat cosmetic, but the second is more significant:

First, the "last updated" time in my Dashboard list, even today, still shows March 22 as the most recent update. (Image below, sorted decending by last update.)

Second, the .mobi file (which is the format I use for my Kindle app on my tablet) is still MEAP v10. At least from my Manning dashboard, that is the case.

It might be that the .MOBI file was the only one I checked -- then the combination of that and the last updated date being older led me to falsely conclude that none had been updated, although it does appear now that the .PDF and .EPUB were.

Is the v11 .MOBI file ready too?

397918 (3) [Avatar] Offline
OK, correction: the .MOBI file does have the V11 update inside it. The problem is just that it appears to be named "" (even though it is v11).
helen.stergius (15) [Avatar] Offline
Thanks for your patience. I've notified tech help.