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I started working my way down book section 2.6, "Creating an ASP.NET Core website from the Yeoman generator". This section seems to me to be incomplete and I'm not sure how to relate it to training in .NET Core, the focus of the book.

I started out by performing a node.js update to version 8.4.0. This, incidentally, has some http2 bits built into it that I have not investigated yet. When trying to install bower through npm, I received a message stating yarn and webpack are recommended instead, so I installed these. Then I installed generator-aspnet.

The book text in 2.6 doesn't actually lead is into an example of creating an ASP.NET Core website. The text just before section 2.7 merely suggests that one can run 'yo aspnet' to create one, but no specific examples are given. This should be reworked to provide a concrete example, if an ASP.NET Core website is going to be important for purposes of this book. Otherwise cut the section out or put it in an Appendix.

For kicks, I decided to create a "Web Application" via running `yo aspnet'. The code has a fatal flaw: when you run `dotnet restore' as directed, you recieve this error:

The specified SDK version [1.0.0-rc4-004771] from global.json

...and I don't have that sdk version installed. As it seems to be pointing to a release candidate, I bet the generator code in generator-aspnet is really old and needs an update.

This seems a bit of a distraction from the mission of the book.

Thanks a ton