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Or written more formally it is:

If you consider each...

then we will end up with the following formula:

This way of ...

The L2-norm is known as the Euclidian norm and is defined as follows:

And is the distance birds flies when they want to go from point a to point b, as oppose

The Pearson correlation is calculated by subtracting the users average rating from his using the following equation:

Do not worry if...

this is very annoying. Not to say, that the book comes close to being useless.
I was viewing this book in several browsers, so this seems not to be a browser issue.

Please fix that ASAP.

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Web version broken: no formulas and no picture
Now, that I have downloaded the book, I see how many formulas and pictures I didn't see.

This very disappointing. I wanted the web version. I paid $40. That is not a price for beta testing.

Fix that.
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Hi - I'm sorry to see that the liveBook isn't behaving as it should!
I've put in a tech help ticket about this problem and provided a link to your messages as background.
Today is a US holiday and our employees in Europe have already ended their workday; someone should be back to you tomorrow.