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I just did the Chapter 2 coding exercises, e.g. printing out the arguments array, using my MacBook Pro which is running OS X 10.12.6 ("Sierra"). On this I have installed both mono and .NET Core 2.0. For purposes of the Chapter 2 coding exercises, I relied on .NET Core rather than mono.

I also opted to do the entire exercise in a Bash shell rather than an IDE.

Being new to both .NET Core and F#, I did need help with Microsoft's getting-started type documentation, specifically this article:

I ignored the Library part of this, and instead focused on changing Program.fs. I added src/App/App.fsproj to the solution using 'dotnet sln add'; then 'dotnet restore'; then 'dotnet build' and finally 'dotnet run' or 'dotnet run Hello World' for the first exercises (book sections 2.1, 2.2.) The to change and test Program.fs I only needed to edit the code, then run 'dotnet build' and 'dotnet run...' as before.

This worked fine, but I relied much more on the Microsoft article for guidance on building the console application than I did with the text of Chapter 2.

Rather than use Visual Studio, I want to play with JetBrains Rider, or just stick with command line tools.

So with a little bit of creativity I am able to do Chapter 2 entirely on a Mac.