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When I run a maven build for the sources I get errors in the tests of chapter3

worked around it by specifying -Dmaven.test.skip

I'll see if I can get into the actual error later. For now hope this post wil get others up and running too.

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Do you keep getting the same error over and over again?

And if so can you post more details about the error, or do that on github by creating an issue: https://github.com/camelinaction/camelinaction2

I just ran all tests on chapter3 and they passed for me.
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Hi Claus,

The second time around it fails even earlier, namely in chapter2
attached output from the previous resources mvn_output.txt as from the MEAP14 version mvn_output_meap14.txt

Also ran the test on chapter 3: it still fails
see mvn_output_meap14_chapter3.txt

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