Andrew Betts (11) [Avatar] Offline
Is this just someone reading the Grokking Algorithms book into a video?

I've watched the first couple videos and that's all it really feels like. The person reading seems to have little to no expression mostly staring straight at the camera. I'm hoping since this is a MEAP that there will be a chance to redo some of the videos for better presentation. But I worry a bit with this being video over text that redoing things may be very low on the priority list. Redoing text is just a new edit pass, redoing video can have quite a bit of extra time involved.
Beau Carnes (1) [Avatar] Offline
This series is based on the book Grokking Algorithms so there is a lot of similar content. However, there are all new projects and videos to introduce those projects. Some have been created but they have not yet been added to the MEAP. Stay tuned!

Do you have any specific suggestions on improving the videos?