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raulgd (16) [Avatar] Offline

I just purchased the MEAP, and noticed that the estimated publishing date is October 2017, but the book still seems to be at the beginning.

Are there any new chapters that haven't been published yet? or will that date will definitely moved multiple months after?

Daniel Deogun (5) [Avatar] Offline

Thanks for joining the MEAP. The announced publishing date Oct 2017 is unfortunately inaccurate because we decided to revise some things based on feedback that make the book better. The MEAP release cycle should however get back to normal within the next few weeks as the last changes are in the works – sorry for the delay.


– Daniel
55685 (4) [Avatar] Offline
I think the new publishing date is also inaccurate because I don't think considering the progression of the book based on the number of chapters completed and the total number of chapters and the date the book was started that you will be still on target to spring 2018.
Dan Bergh Johnsson (11) [Avatar] Offline
You're right. There update of publishing date has unfortunately been lagging. The exact date for publishing is hard to estimate with precision to say the least. All three of us are full-time working family fathers, so the road of writing is a little bit bumpy. But rest assure that we are continuously working on it, and that there are more chapters "in the pipe" in various stages on their way to be released in MEAP.

The book will surely be finished during 2018 and we hope you will appreciate what you get one chapter at a time through MEAP. And thanks for your patience.