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Maybe this should get a mention earlier in the book, not only at 14.8.1.
I'm a beginner, build failed initially at 1.6.3.

Ulrich Sinn
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Hi Ulrich,
Thanks for the message.

I wanted to show a completed project in chapter 1 so that the reader can get an idea of what one looks like, and what they are headed towards, but I wanted to avoid 'getting into the weeds' too early in the book, discussing dependency managers and Carthage. So, this was a bit of a catch 22 - if the project dependencies needed updating in any way, the reader wouldn't know how to do it. So - my intention is to keep an eye on any issues and do my best to ensure that the project in chapter 1 will build without the need to use Carthage to update it. I have been on vacation for the last few weeks, and appear to have missed an update causing the build to fail. I've updated this now, but still, this won't help you much if you're up to chapter 14 now. Apologies.

Craig Grummitt