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Winson (32) [Avatar] Offline
The Javascript Codes discussed in chapter 4 do not match from those that

download from the Git repository - "complete-isomorphic-example.git".

I tried to update the codes as attached which incorporate with 'React-Router v4'

The package.json file will be updated as follow:

"react-router-dom": "^4.2.2",

Hope this could provide some insight to those looking for 'React-Router v4' codes.
Juan Picado (18) [Avatar] Offline
I wonder if the author is considering update this chapter to Router v4 since was released 6 months ago. If this chapter keeps using v3 is gonna be completely outdated by the release date. An upgrade to v4 basically will change the most of the content of this chapter.
Elyse Kolker Gordon (19) [Avatar] Offline
I've made the decision to not update to React Router v4. I will be adding an explanation to Chapter 4 as to why I'm sticking with v3.

However, v3 is going to have ongoing support by the React Router team. Also v3 is better for isomorphic apps as the server rendering pattern is a good fit. In v4 server rendering requires duplicating routes because of the way routes are handled inline.

If you want to see a real world explanation of upgrading an app to v4, this blog post does a good job of explaining a possible implementation.
Juan Picado (18) [Avatar] Offline
Thanks for you feedback smilie