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One thing I noticed that caught me off guard that I thought I should mention. I've been reading a few books on F# to try to get acquainted with the language. I read the first 4 chapters of the MEAP and then I skipped around to Unit 8 on Web Programming. I built out all of the examples by hand from the chapter. I was running into a compiler issue with my OWIN web console application. The Program.fs was complaining about needing either a module or namespace to compile. I had read in Dave Fancher's excellent "Book of F#" that file order in the Visual Studio Projects matter (pretty odd for a C# developer). Of course, after I moved the Program.fs file down in order my project compiled nicely. I didn't remember seeing any sidebar discussion on this, so I thought I should mention in the forum. Please excuse me if you have already mentioned it in your book, but I just missed it.
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No worries. It is indeed mentioned a couple of times in the book - I believe the modules and namespaces section covers it in the most detail.