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Graar (1) [Avatar] Offline

I am working through your book and got to the clock-analog-digital example and I found that the analog clock does not work. All three hands point to the three (default position).

On digging a little further I believe that the cause is that the:

let date = new Date(props.time)

command is failing to create a valid date object. Since I am in the UK, the string that is being passed as props.time is 15/08/2017, which is not a valid dataString according to If I were in the US, this would be 08/15/2017 and this works fine, but not in the UK, when the day number is greater than 12.

I have been able to make it work by removing the date string from the bracket, but this invalidates the point of the example.

How could I correct this in Javascript ? How do I set my locale so that it works as expected ?

509947 (1) [Avatar] Offline
Hi Graar,

The same issue (i.e., All three hands point to the three) happened to me.
Here are my tweaks to /ch04/clock-analog-digital/jsx/clock.jsx, and then it works for me after rebuilding clock.js.

line 6
currentTime: (new Date()).toLocaleString()
currentTime: new Date()

line 12
this.setState({currentTime: (new Date()).toLocaleString()})
this.setState({currentTime: new Date()})

line 19
<DigitalDisplay time={this.state.currentTime}/>
<DigitalDisplay time={this.state.currentTime.toLocaleString()}/>

Hope it helps you.