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I find figure 4.6 "Antique print picturing Roman slave master selling female slaves" to be horrifying and unwelcoming toward female readers. Please replace it with something else. It is completely out of context with the chapter and detracts from the overall friendliness of the book.
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Hi -
Thank you for your comment.
The author has removed the picture in the manuscript. The next MEAP update will be in the coming weeks and you will see the change then. Manuscript updates take a little while to bubble up through the MEAP process.

I can assure you the author was not espousing slavery or minimizing its negative impact on any population or society as a whole. We discussed the context and the picture's selection and did agree that it was difficult to convey his meaning clearly with that picture for this topic without him being available in person to discuss it.

We appreciate you letting us know your concern.

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Thank you; I appreciate the quick response.