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This part I am not sure what it mean:

• closed arrow: the messages is consumed by the receiver,
• open arrow: the message is observed by the reciever.

Is closed arrow mean that service on which is pointent not send that message to another service? In other case service just observe message sends it further?

Also coud you show me this:

2.7.2 The four basic cases

• solid-closed: synchronous actor - only one of the receiving instances will respond.
• solid-open: synchronous subscribers - all of the receiving instances will respond, and the originator will wait for all of them.

on seneca example?
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My talk at microservices london actually goes into this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tHyO4CdE_NM

I'll post the slides to slideshare soon as well.
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Thanks, I will check it!