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Nodezoo system is not same as in book... Could you create some live video examples for this?

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Updating nodezoo to the book version is the last piece of work before the official book launch. This will be completed over the next few weeks - I'm working on it right this minute smilie
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Okay, thanks
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To be honest, I feel pretty disappointed after purchasing this (e-)book. After having read quite a bit about microservices already in other resources/books, I was excited about this particular book because of the promise of chapter 9; a case study written in Seneca. Now I see this post from August last year and I have to conclude that the example code on github still does not resemble the examples in the book. I think it has been more than the mentioned few weeks since that...

I feel the Seneca documentation itself is not fully up to date, as pointed out elsewhere, but of course I understand the nature of an open source project so I can't blame you for that. However, your book is a commercial product, so it's only fair to expect the code examples to be updated before the book was published.