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I bought the ebook and downloaded the source code from the git repository found at page 24 of the book (https://github.com/RxJSinAction/rxjs-in-action), but I found some errors and a few differences between the book listings and the code: for instance, listing 4_4 has some differences (that by the way are not so trivial: see the use of the bind function).

Moreover, file https://github.com/RxJSInAction/rxjs-in-action/blob/master/examples/4/1/4_1.js - it is listing 1 in chapter 4 - has a comment stating that it is source 3.7

Can you kindly confirm that this is the correct source code to download, and what is the policy - if any exists - to have the book text aligned with source code?

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Hi! Thanks for being an eagle eye on this!

The book should be the source of truth, and should ideally be identical to what we see in the repository.

In this case it is a small fix so I will update the repository to match the text.

If you find additional bugs in the text you can submit them here: https://forums.manning.com/posts/list/41253.page

It contains a list of the errata that are found within the text.

As for the 4.1 comment that appears to be an IDE templating error (it should be 4.1). I'll update to correct the code in the repository.