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Having just wrote an annotation based extension to spock, I think that would make a great chapter (or maybe a whole "Part") if there is ever a second edition of the book. The extension mechanism seems pretty well designed, but it is poorly documented. In particular, the high-level outline of it in the online documentation is pretty good, but the actual classes involved are not well documented and have no javadoc available (looking at the source code, it looks like they aren't documented). It took me a while to figure out how everything works, and I had to look at the source for several existing extensions (including the built-in annotations) to see how to do anything.

This would be very helpful to have in a future edition which would provide some better documentation. The book is surprisingly short (and yet covers nearly everything!) as the framework is very compact, so there is definitely some room to add more content.
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You are 100% right! I actually wanted to create a second appendix that was devoted specifically to writing Spock extensions. The problem
was that when I started writing the book, Spock had not reached version 1.0 yet, so I did not know if the extension API was stable or not.

I really really want to write on this topic, but lack of free time is preventing me from doing it. I wanted to release this as a free chapter or as a blog post.

If you have kept some notes from your discoveries I think a lot of people would be interested to read them even if they are in rough state.