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Matt Wallace (3) [Avatar] Offline
In the PDF listing 4.12 -

should be:
TrueWill (22) [Avatar] Offline
Agreed. (Incidentally I think this is due to later section 4.6.1, where tasks.tasks is introduced; that would need to be updated there.)

Related to this, I don't believe the (dispatch, getState) thunk parameter option was discussed prior to the exercise; that knowledge is necessary to solve it.

Also in listing 4.11, the code could call client.put instead and then would not have to specify the base URL.
Will Faurot (8) [Avatar] Offline
Thanks for the heads up and sorry for the issues! Working on fixing all of these:

* Listing 4.12 - good catch, we may have shuffled a few sections in this chapter around the change to the shape of the data in Redux.
* client.put - updated. This is what we have in the code, but the manuscript was out of date
* Good point about getState, taking a look at the best way to fix this, which may be shuffling a section or two around.