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Book it is good to understand about microservices, but programming is not perusal, it is hard to understand how to create system and use tools if we don't see it. So If you realy want to teach how to create systems with seneca, create some video courses with Udemy or some other video streaming site.

- Implement login system roles and premissions
- Add pagination somewhere
- Upload files
- Create self relationions
- Multiple services with differnet kind of databses
- How to deploy it to porduction

This are not hard things to implement with monolithics but can be tricky with microservices.
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I speak at quite a few conferences on microservices. You should be able to find most of my talks on youtube or vimeo.

That said, these are not training material, and would be at a higher level than your suggestion.

It's certainly something I'll consider, but there no immediate plans.
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Some video course on Udemy about how to build microservices system, would be boom, trust me... There is no any video course with javascript about that I checked whole web. smilie