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Maarten. (6) [Avatar] Offline
The npm repository at VMWare is offline. Looks to me this might is permanent.
I fixed this by changing the urls in npm-shrinkwrap.json from to

Then ng serve threw an error that the cli package was not properly installed.
I fixed that by running npm update.

After that I got compile warnings:

WARNING in ./~/@covalent/core/common/animations/toggle/toggle.directive.js
24:27-45 "export '?DomAnimationEngine' (imported as 'DomAnimationEngine') was not found in '@angular/animations/browser'

WARNING in ./~/@covalent/core/common/animations/fade/fade.directive.js
34:27-45 "export '?DomAnimationEngine' (imported as 'DomAnimationEngine') was not found in '@angular/animations/browser'

But the app seemed to work fine and I didn't bother fixing these.

Looking forward to sinking my teeth into this chapter!
jeremy.wilken (208) [Avatar] Offline
Thanks for that, I missed fixing that and am updating the source now for npm-shrinkwrap.json.

I also was seeing those NPM warnings with Covalent, and it seemed alright. If they come out with 1.0 stable before the book is printed I'd like to update the library, but for now they seem to be fine with those warnings.
Maarten. (6) [Avatar] Offline
Your welcome. Thanks for writing this book. Must be quite the undertaking.

After finishing this chapter I expected to know/understand pretty much about Angular forms. Then I came across the ControlValueAccessor interface in a project I was working on. And after that I found out that it's used in various real life projects to create custom form controls. Super! And then I was wondering why I didn't read about this in the book.

It is like your chapter on pipes. There are many pipes that come out of the box, but sometimes you need something special and you want to create your own. The same thing applies to form controls if not more so. You said yourself that forms are after all pretty much at the center stage of almost every application. I think the book should at least mention that it's possible to create custom form controls, but an example would obviously be much more useful. Just my two cents. I know all about it now anyway smilie.
jeremy.wilken (208) [Avatar] Offline
Thanks for the input, and creating custom form controls tends to be the realm of libraries or advanced use cases. I agree that it is valuable to use, but I didn't plan for it when weighing out the other topics that needed to be covered. I have a few edits to make on this chapter and will consider this as I review.