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I am having an issue after deploying to Heroku and I was wondering if anyone else has encountered the same. On localhost my app appears to be working fine, save for a few minor glitches like being unable to change the lng/lat coords without getting an error. On Heroku however, I am getting the "Api Lookup Error" warning. This has been puzzling me for a while now and I have no idea as to why this is happening.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can offer up some insight(s).

simon.holmes (148) [Avatar] Offline

Are you still getting the problem?

I presume the error is showing in the browser? Which stage of the book are you at? Is mLab set up correctly, and your app pointing to that instead of localhost?

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Hi Simon,

Thanks for responding!

I came across this error towards the end of chapter 7 (after deploying to Heroku). I have two databases set up: one locally and one via mLab. I can see that my database has been transferred to mLab successfully and that my config variables (via Heroku) have been set up. I cannot seem to figure out what's missing in my code. There is no "api lookup error" when I run npm start locally, only after deployment to Heroku. This leads me to think that I must have made a mistake somewhere in the deployment process via the command line, but I'm not sure. I did set up a variables.env file to hide the database urls, but from my understanding Heroku does not read environment variables, so I wouldn't think (but at the same time I'm not sure) this would be the cause of the error.

I've decided to dive into chapter 8 regardless in the meantime. I'm enjoying the book so far. With any luck, this issue will resolve itselt down the line as I compare my code to the code in chapter 8. ...must be something that I've missed along the way.

Have you encountered this issue before?

Cheers and thanks againsmilie

simon.holmes (148) [Avatar] Offline
Hi Juliette

I haven't come across this problem before.

After starting up the app in Heroku, can you check the logs? The Mongoose connection events should output a log saying which database it has connected to, or if it has failed.

You can see the logs in terminal with this command:

heroku logs

476192 (8) [Avatar] Offline
Hi Simon,

I got it working. I had the wrong MongoDB/mLab url (oops!).

Thanks for the tip!


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I got the same problem, but locally (didn't even try sending it to heroku). I reached this problem at page 213 and I thought I did something wrong, so I tried with the chapter 7 git, but I still have the issue.


Edit: ignore me, with the files in the git it worked. Will check what didnt work earlier.
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I have the same problem on localhost.
You said you had resolved that issue. Can you tell me how? It throws me that error : "API lookup error", maybe because of this:
var renderHomepage = function(req, res, responseBody){
var message;
if (!(responseBody instanceof Array)) {
message = "API lookup error";
responseBody = [];

It seems that the program doesn't recognize responseBody as an Array.
Please help me and tell me how did you solve this issue.
PS: I have compared my files with those posted on git, chapter 7 and they are the same.