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Page 89:
"Are your fellow users are trustworthy sources for recommendations." =>>> "Your fellow users are trustworthy sources for recommendations"
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Page 92:
- "Figure 4 shows" ===>>> "Figure 4.5 shows"
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Section 4.4.1 seems to have a duplicated paragraph (the first ones).
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Page 103:

- URL "prs/moviegeek/Builder/ImplicitRatingsCalculator.pyprs/moviegeek/Builder/ImplicitRatingsCalculator.py" leads to a PAGE NOT FOUND error.

- analyze\Views.py file is not found in the project tree
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Page 105:

- File \Builder\CalculateImplicitRatings.py is not found in the project tree.
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Page 106:

- File \Builder\CalculateImplicitRatings.py is not found in the project tree.
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Page 114:
- In Figure 5.7, I believe the arrows from "Provide recommendations" and "Records user behavior" are swapped.
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Page 119:
- Reference to Amazon's figure is broken: "Error! Reference source not found." (Figure 5.12?)
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Page 122:
- Reference to an image is broken: "Error! Reference source not found."
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Page 123:
- Reference to an image is broken: "Error! Reference source not found"
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Page 126:
- Figure number is missing in "As shown in Figure"
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Page 135:
- In the setence "1 illustrates" the word "Figure 6." is missing
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Page 143:
- A "t" is missing in the word bough ("who are just bough their first Disney show")
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Page 198:
- The table 3 is not the table 2 (page 197) normalized, but the normalized version of table 7.3, which is showed in the page 166.
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The footnote says not to report typos, but maybe I'm a rebel... Kidding, but I will split the errors in categories:

Chapter 1:
- page 10: figure 1.8 is very grainy when printed compared to the other graphics
- page 11: definition ... I would either use "between the user and the items." or maybe better "between the user and the contents." ... something feels "off" here.
- page 13: top of the page: r, and have found => ** text is missing here **
- page 13: end of 1.1.4, and The domain => ** text is missing here **
- page 15: bottom of the page: Expert recommenders ... ** The beginning of 1.1.8 and the end of the page is the same sentence**
- page 18: figure 1.13 is grainy

Less serious
- Welcome page: How do can they -> How do they guess (or how can they guess)
- Welcome page: I might want to watch -> I may want to watch
- Welcome page: will be programmed Python -> will be programmed in Python
- Welcome page: are in use existing sites -> are in use at existing sites
- page 2: websites needs to know -> websites need to know
- page 2: both has flipsides -> both have flipsides
- page 4: The top row is dedicated to what what's -> The top row is dedicated to what's
- page 5: what's their content -> watch their content
- page 5: Originals are second row -> Originals are on the second row
- page 5: in detail in chapter 5 -> in detail in chapter 5.
- page 5: The second row is the list -> **It's not the second row, second row is Netflix originals**
- page 7: doesn't put much value -> doesn't put too much value ** this is debatable **
- page 7: conten -> content ** in the cloud bubble **
- page 7: today my list has a new order ..... ** today your list is completely different **
- page 9: with Facebook network -> with Facebook
- page 11: speed ect. -> speed etc. (in the top white "Data transfer object"). I would also put the numbers of the explanation in the picture itself.
- page 11: It Retrieves the items -> It retrieves the items
- page 11: that is most similar -> that are most similar
- page 14: users mood -> user's mood
- page 15: 1.1.8 Whose opinions -> 1.1.8 Whose Opinions ** staying in sync with the title in the introduction)
- page 15: that the The days -> that the days
- page 16: 2017This week, -> 2017 ... ** this week is off**
- page 17: 1.1.9 Privacy and trustworthiness -> 1.1.9. Privacy and Trustworthiness
- page 18: 1.1.10 Interface -> 1.1.10-> Interfaces ** keeping in sync with the introduction**
- page 18: , not they are -> , now they are
- page 20: The is a third type -> There is a third type
- page 21: I would make the outer ellipse a lighter color... like the light blue e.g. on page 11. this is too dark.
- page 23: 1.3 The Movie GEEKs website -> 1.3 The MovieGEEKs website ** consistent naming **
- page 23: how it is working its not enough -> how it is working, it's not enough
- page 23: built using a Django Website. -> built using Django.
- page 23: (the store sadly doesn't exist any longer. -> (the store sadly doesn't exist any longer).
- page 24: to know about films.) -> to know about films. ** this was a left over of the previous bullet I guess**
- page 24: Each movie should have -> ... ** indent to the left **
- page 24: Each category should hqve -> ** indent to the left **
- page 24: will build the site -> ** feels off a bit **
- page 25: top black box "Movie GEEKs site" -> "MovieGEEKs" ** consistency ** ... I would also make all the boxes a lighter color (light blue e.g. as in previous pictures)
- page 25: MoviesMoviegeek -> MovieGEEKs ** autoreplace failing? **
- page 26: is called Movie GEEKs -> is called MovieGEEKs ** consistency **
- page 26: on git hub -> on github
- page 27: The MovieGEEK website -> The MovieGEEKs website
- page 27: pick another color than black for the picture, light blue or so
- page 27: You then (or hopefully you already have been) collect behavioral data -> You then collect behavioral data or you hopefully have already been collecting behavioral data.
- page 28: what the users has bought -> what the users have bought
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Chapter 2

p. 31: starting from here onwards sometime 'movie' is used, sometimes 'film' is used. maybe convert all to 'movie'
p. 32: all text on this page is a copy of the end of the previous page
p. 36: quality of the Figure 2.3 could be better: seems to be a shadow in the left lower corner
p. 43: Figure 2.8 is fuzzy/grainy

Less Serious:
p. 29: How we understand the users -> How we understand the users. (dot at the end)
p. 29: data collection of user -> Data collection of user (capitalise first character)
p. 29: won't magically appear-. -> won't magically appear. (remove the -)
p. 30: but cannot guarantee -> but we cannot guarantee
p. 30: that everything will work in exactly your environment -> that everything will work in exactly the same way in your environment
p. 30: The example on Ron Zacharkski is a bit "off" ... is someone who doesn't drink beer not a vegan, or are beer drinkers also fast food eaters? That's not something you can deduce, it could be deduced that he claims to like french movies but he does have an american action movie.
p. 30: and what they could interpret it. -> and how they could interpret it.
p. 31: Moreover, -> Extra newline, which shouldn't be there
p. 33: the number of books you do it it. -> the number of books you open ('open' is better than 'do')
p. 33: Scrolls the Drama row -> Scrolls through the Drama row
p. 33: shows some of the events -> Table 2.1 shows some of the events
p. 34: The list of events types are -> The list of event types are
p. 36: probalbly -> probably
p. 36: cicycle -> cycle
p. 36: the shape of a ratings -> the shape of ratings
p. 37: strolls through -> strolls around ???
p. 37: A page view in a e-commerce site -> A page view in an e-commerce site
p. 38: color of the textbox in Figure 2.4 something not black
p. 38: last alinea is not properly aligned (left aligned now)
p. 41: subsribe -> subscribe
p. 41: or understand where they should -> or understand whether they should
p. 42: so bad that she stopped -> so bad that the user stopped
p. 43: Textbox in Figure 2.8 in something else than black color
p. 45: the higher it will stand on the page -> the higher it will be displayed on the page ... or ... the higher it will appear on the page
p. 47: similar uses -> similar users
p. 47: People who works in IT -> People who work in I.T.
p. 47: implemented for the MovieGEEK website -> implemented for the MovieGEEKs website
p. 47: our case is build -> our case is built
p. 47: to the rest of MovieGEEK architecture -> to the rest of MovieGEEKs architecture
p. 48: so you'll instead use a database -> so instead you'll use a database
p. 49: is faily easy -> is fairly easy
p. 49: identify each session., -> identify each session,
p. 49: There are some plumbing -> There is some plumbing
p. 49: how it is hocked -> how it is hooked
p. 51: the collector into MovieGEEK -> the collector into MovieGEEKs
p. 51: The MovieGEEKs app cover the -> the MovieGEEKs app covers the
p. 52: MovieGeek front page -> MovieGEEKs front page
p. 52: on a genre a onclick -> on a genre an onclick
p. 52: We wont go -> We won't go
p. 53: color of the textbox... no black
p. 54: about behaviour -> about behavior (or change it in other places to be consistent)
p. 56: to store on Pietro?. -> to store on Pietro?
p. 56: Simplicity for -> simplicity for
p. 56: plus one that contain any -> plus one that contains any
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Hi -
We appreciate your careful attention to detail.

Books that are in MEAP are still in development and have not been copy edited yet - not even once. That's why we ask that you please do not report typos during this stage. It's not a good use of your time (unless you *really* like writing out typo descriptions!) and we have a stable of copy editors that will be paying attention to this during the production process.

MEAP books are rough drafts and with any rough draft, the focus is on content, teaching, and completeness, not writing mechanics. After the manuscript is complete, it's turned over to copy editors, proof readers, layout artists, and many other people before it's printed.

Thanks again, but you can rest assured that copy editing is part of our process - just not usually during MEAP.
Sven Boden (6) [Avatar] Offline

I don't mind, i'm not specifically looking for typos... but if I record the "serious" mistakes, I can also record the typos at the same time.
Looking at the target date I guess most of the book is already in the state it will be in before final editing starts (besides the few missing pieces)

Chapter 3

p. 65: remove the dots below "Visits" in the formula... no idea why they are there
p. 66: funnel picture is fuzzy when printed: the screenshots on the left hand side but also the font in the boxes
p. 67: the color of the blue circles is too dark, on print-out I can hardly read the text in there
p. 67: remove the dots below "users" in the formula... no idea why they are there
p. 67: don't split Listing 3.1 over multiple pages
p. 71: output shown in figure 3.8 -> output shown in figure 3.9
p. 73: in a diagram, as shown in figure 3.3 -> in a diagram, as shown in figure 3.10
p. 76: Python populate_logs.py -> python populate_logs.py (in order not to confuse unix people)
p. 76: Listing: opulate_logs.py -> Listing: populate_logs.py
p. 76: in the code halfway the "created" date is currently hardcoded to 2017-04-03 12:00:00... maybe explain why, or better change it back to the "now" version
p. 76: The dashboard looks like figure 3.9 -> The dashboard looks like figure 3.11
p. 78: with black in figure 3.10 -> with black in figure 3.13
p. 79: most of the lines in figure 3.14 are broken white/light gray on a white background.... that's a poor choice for readability
p. 79: shown in figure 3.9 -> shown in figure 3.14
The referencing of figures in chapter 3 (in the second half) seems off for now.

Less serious
p. 59: I would change the red background for Recommendations back to the white background, on a print-out it's barely readable else
p. 60: in the context of MovieGEEKs site. -> in the context of the MovieGEEKs site.
p. 60: of web shops.But -> webshops. But .... no space between web and shop and a space between shops. and But
p. 61: to what weaknesses they could have. -> to what weaknesses a company could have ... they = either hackers or companies ... company is clearer
p. 62: Our dashboardOur analytics dashboard -> Our analytics dashboard
p. 64: Analyzing the evidence, you've collected might not give -> Analyzing the evidence you've collected, might not give
p. 64: Often, you'll find -> Often you'll find
p. 64: Then you have the number of sold content this month -> Then you have the number of sold items this month
p. 65: can say this month -> can display this month
p. 65: important what you do -> important what you choose
p. 65: Amazon's home page They have a look -> Amazon's home page, they have a look
p. 69: in bullet (1) session_id instead of sessionid, same for bullet (5)... I would also start bullet (1) to (5) with capital (at least in a consistent way)
p. 69: Movie GEEK isn't the best -> MovieGEEKS isn't the best
p. 77: are tw bars -> are two bars
p. 77: this wont appear -> this won't appear
p. 78: top 10 most bought content -> top 10 most bought items
p. 78: the backend queries -> the back end queries .... (in the sentence before this one it's written as back end)
p. 78: records user behavior -> Records user behavior
p. 79: called a index -> called an index
p. 79: Figure 3.14The static -> Figure 3.14 The static
p. 79: To understand what views, you need to implement, you -> To understand what views you need to implement, you

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Chapter 4

p. 89: A lot of CPU power.... this alinea is duplicated right below it. The copy starts right under the pic
p. 89: Remove figure 4.6... some people will b*tch about it... AND I miss the link with the book.
p. 92: "score - 1" halfway the page is not explained... why -1
p. 94: the pic above the page is not of "Jesper" of before
p. 97: The second W1 should be W3!!!!!!! and it should be at least 17 (I would be pick 20) else the formulas on the previous page don't work out ... w3 x 3 is 45 if w3 is 15, and 45 is smaller than 50, not bigger
p. 102: bullet 5, 6, 7 are missing in the explanation

Less serious
p. 81: User-Item matrix. => Remove the . at the end to be consistent with the other items
p. 81: transform your users' input => transform your user's input
p. 81: look at those next first => look at those next. First
p. 83: Center "User" and "Item" in their box
p. 85: figure of the danish beach should be "higher" in the text
p. 85: The rating matrix shown above contains => The rating matrix shown in figure 4.1 contains (i'm guessing it's 4.1)
p. 85: The truth about users taste => The truth about user's taste
p. 85: and show an objective view => and shows an objective view
p. 85: Are your fellow users are trustworthy sources => Are your fellow users trustworthy sources (remove are, and ? at the end I guess)
p. 86: c-level person => CEO-level person ???
p. 86: just think about what incentive the users will have => just that should think about what incentive users have
p. 86: I printescreened => I printscreened
p. 86: No matter whether it is explicit or implicit rating => No matter whether ratings are explicit or implicit
p. 86: circle of friends says => circle of friends say
p. 87: on users' ratings => on user's ratings
p. 88: Figure 4 shows the recs => Figure 4.5 shows the recs
p. 88: and do different recommenders => and do different recommendations (this is debatable)
p .89: but it's interested in knowing => but for eBay it's interesting to know
p. 90: few apecs => few aspects
p. 90: and what type of site the recommendations should be shown. ... => this sentence is "off" somehow
p. 90: indent "0, else" to the left
p. 91: , that drives me insane => , which drives me insane
p. 91: large extent because they were free => large extent just because they were free
p. 92: of the item also => of the item as well
p. 93: even the ones translated => even the translated ones
p. 93: Even I'm not even sure => Even I'm not sure
p. 94: from our Movie GEEKs site => from our MovieGEEKs site
p. 95: you can define a implicit => you can define an implicit
p. 96: instead or also => instead or as well
p. 96: and who this could be => and how this could be
p. 97: to the users specific tastes => to the user's specific tastes
p. 98: see chaper 4 => see chapter 4
p. 98: View and understand => Viewing and understanding ... + remove .
p. 98: you had the MovieGEEK site => you had the MovieGEEKs site
p. 98: on the site, on how to install it. => on the site on how to install it.
p. 99: to get the table => to get the title (in bullet 4)
p. 99: bullet 8 is missing in the code (explanation is there)
p. 99: and doesn't require => and don't require
p. 100: in bullet 5 add a . at the end
p. 100: it also give you => it also you gives you
p. 101: in the first code box "Sql" should become "SQL"
p. 101: To to be => To be
p. 103: frequencymeans => frequency means
p. 103: youwant => you want
p. 103: yourif => your if
p. 104: see some recs => see some recommendations ... or recommenders?
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Hi Sven - Thanks for your efforts. The book is still in development and it has not gone through any pre-production or production steps - it will go through copy editing, proofing, layout, page proofs, and a final look before it's printed.

What you are doing must take a great deal of time, but I don't think our copy editors look here for things like this. They have their own process and will thoroughly check each page using their own processes.

Thanks much for your input.